Kitchen Stone Showroom in San Leandro, CA

granite kitchen countertops Oakland, CA
benefit from an exciting selection of unique materials!
Our catalog of kitchen stone spans a wide variety of materials, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home. From slabs like granite, marble, quartz, and soapstone to natural stones like travertine and limestone, we’ve got every solution to your residential or commercial counter top problems. We also specialize in porcelain and glass, so be sure to ask if you're interested in those materials!
Our materials are imported from around the world, and we go through a rigorous selection and quality testing process to ensure that everything we present to our customers is the best that money can buy. Rest assured that when you shop at EuroMarble & Granite, you are choosing a countertop or flooring solution that will last you the rest of your life while dramatically raising the value of your property.

Call us today at (510) 823-0770 to learn more!

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